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Additive Manufacturing (AM) plays an important role in the development of new resource-efficient manufacturing technologies. With this tool-free production, highly complex geometries and internal structures can be produced, which could be achieved with conventional manufacturing processes only with high effort and material waste, if at all possible.

With the developments envisaged in the Bionic Aircraft project, the maturity level of AM  will be transferred to a resource efficient production process, significantly increases the use of AM in civilian aircrafts. In the medium term, the advances in bionic design and material technology will lead to a weight reduction of up to 1 ton per aircraft. In the long term, the construction of completely new types of aircraft with a weight-saving potential of up to 30% will be possible,  which significantly reduces emissions during Operation. A good example is this bionic optimized bracket which has been developed in cooperation with Airbus and LZN. The environmental impact is further reduced by the resource efficiency of AM technologies themselves and new possibilities of the spare parts logistic.

The layered construction of the object can be realized with different materials and can be made by computer-based design models (CAD) and 3D scanning systems for production. Despite high progress in recent years, many areas remain to be improved.
The BionicAircraft project will develop bionic design approaches, materials, processing, repair and recycling technologies. Along with innovative concepts for spare part distribution and production, the developments will pave the wayto a resource efficient manufacturing,operation, repair and recycling of future aearoplanes.

The project "BionicAircraft" targets the work programs Enhancing Resource Efficiency of Aviation (MG-1.2-2015) within the Mobility for Growth 2015 call.

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